Unleash As It’s Time!

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Unleash As It’s Time!

By Yogesh Arjun

As a lotus finds its fulfillment in the full bloom, and the sky in the full moon night, you must also reach the zenith of your potential while you are alive and experience the full expression of your selves and die only, after having tasted the elixir of life.

A seed has the potential to become a tree and bear flowers and fruits but its potential is hidden and no one sees the hidden tree in it, one who understands this prepares the soil, sows the seed and waters it everyday but thereafter he waits, he doesn’t look for fruits because the nature works with its pace and test the patience and consistency of the desire and effort. Then there is a sapling coming out which eventually turns into a tree with many fruits and seeds, no one knows how many million trees were hidden in this one seed!

When the effort is consistent and the desire definite then the nature opens up its giving power to manifest the will of the human desire.

What are you stuck with? Where are you busy?Don’t you want to raise yourself and grab what you want!

Call all the forces to awaken the immense potentialities lying dormant in you. Unleash yourself! Reach your crescendo! Expand in every dimension be it skills, education, health, values and align with the power and principles of nature. At least you must know how far you can stretch, for once and how fast you can run, how beautiful you can look to yourselves, how bright your eyes can shine or how quick you can actualized your thoughts. You must tell me how would you know the point your voice can reach to, until and unless you scream!

So Speak aloud to your limbs and you will discover that they have been throbbing, expectantly for your one command, to swell to their limits. Your each cell is waiting to resonate to its highest frequency and energize you for great things to be achieved by you, you are not weak because you can’t be!

Do not Wait now to finally do what you always wished to, Say aloud to your desires, wants and all your dreams! The mind has the power to achieve anything it focuses on, but it has to be trained, you train a mind as if its an emergency, train your feet that can keep pace with your aspirations. Let your face exude the contentment unchallenged in any circumstances, and your breaths testify your harmony that binds your body and mind. Do not regret the time you may have lost, its your start, as and when you have realized but now when you have known then decide and never retract, have faith my friend you still you have an eternity to dream, and a greater eternity waits patiently for your dreams to come true.

The only thing that you have to keep distanced with, STRESS, it is the most dangerous and devastating thing. Its the most prevalent and common state of mind it blocks the expression of life and fulfillment and leads to chronic problems like coronary, brain and lifestyle challenges.

I want to share an activity as well, for all of you to relax and unwind so that you can think more correctly and be focused!

we know that love takes away our stress we must try these methods also if we are irritated, unhappy with our life / partner / job or can’t get the time to do what we want!This is not a cure however but an add-on help to continue to our balanced state of productivity and thought.

Activity: Relaxation, hydration and chanting/humming.

TOTAL TIME: 25 min


  • a quiet place or room with a mat on the floor
  • water with lime and honey
  • juice or coconut water
  • relaxation music of your liking preferred sitar, flute or tarang!
  • aroma candle or earthen lamp.

first step:

  1. light the aroma candle,
  2. place the mat and sit with crossed legs
  3. close your eyes
  4. see what the mind plays and slows down
  5. then relax and start listening to your own breath!


  1. taking the most comfortable posture
  2. either lie down on the bed or sit in cross legged
  3. straighten and stretch the spine while slow and deep inhaling &
  4. even slower exhaling!


  1. try to feel your heart beating
  2. and gradually beating smoother with more oxygen getting into the blood
  3. when you feel your beats to be falling smooth, then think
  4. of your most loving person, place or thing and feel his /her warmth, closeness
  5. be happy and continue to be in that state!


  1. touch your palms and rub them gently, take hands to your
  2. face and transfer the warmth!


  1. now exhale forcefully and
  2. drink 1-2 glasses of water with lemon and honey in it
  3. either relax say any mantra, song of your choice
  4. or play some good music and jive with your heart mind and spirit in sync


  1. relax for five to seven minutes
  2. stretch your self a little then bend
  3. forward and backward, side ways to left or right


  1. now take a quick shower!
  2. after the shower
  3. drink another glass of water or lemon or any vegetable or sweet lime juice or
  4. blackamazon grapes or beetroot juice or any coloured
  5. fruit juice which contains antioxidants and
  6. beta- carotenoids!


  1. take the name of the person you love or
  2. like a humming bird say ummm… Or ommm…
  3. At least 20 times for 15 min (approx. )
  4. repeat this at the same place for a week!


  1. get away from any place, person or thought making you stressed and practice these steps regularly
  2. for at least 2 times in a week
  3. it doesn’t mean you escape but rethink, be composed and take on
  4. you will forget about stress
  5. remember you are the power that runs this universe you cant be stressed
  6. awaken yourself!

Energized, activated mind becomes a dynamo and creates your destiny, with right thoughts! Believe me it works! What comes to your mind works for you, if and only if, you start believing, in faith so have faith!

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