How to Reconcile Your Human Life With Your Spirit

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By Maya Hanley

I have spent a lot of my life wishing I were not on earth. I remember sitting on my window sill in the house I grew up in the mountains of Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and staring at the night sky (no light pollution there!) and wishing I were in the sky with the stars.

Later on I wanted to be an astronaut so I could travel the galaxies. I always wanted to be ‘out there’ where I somehow knew there was no pain and suffering. I knew I belonged in a place where there was no restriction on my movement or thought (or being)

Since I was stuck here, I had to get on with it. Some of the experiences I had were very difficult and painful and I forgot for a long time about my longing to be elsewhere. I notice now, looking back, that the more I forgot about my sense of belonging elsewhere, the harder my life on earth got.

As I embraced the spiritual again and as I learn more and more, I have realized one big thing.


This came home strongly to me recently when I did a reading for someone. His grandfather was visiting him in his dreams, trying to tell him something. My client only remembered his grandfather as someone who wasn’t that nice in his lifetime, who had been cruel to his wife and a drinker. I explained to him that the being who was trying to contact him now was the pure being of his grandfather, without all the faults he had in this life. Once my client knew that, he understood that the message he was supposed to get from his grandfather was positive and clear.

It made me think about how we get so exercised with ourselves and our failings, and those of others. If we were able to see and understand that every human being is, in essence, that pure being of light and music, we would be more able to forgive and release our anger and resentment. We would treat ourselves better and honour our bodies and minds as the great parts of god and the universe that they are.

It has given me a sense of peace, understanding this and I am grateful, yet again, for the learning I receive when I do readings for people.

Have you experienced anything that has given you a greater understanding of who you are?

Maya Hanley is a writer, marketing consultant and angel Lightworker. She reads for people and helps them with personal problems and often health issues.

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