The Dream and The Separation

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The Dream and The Separation
By Gary Greenbank

The Dream

You have probably heard the saying ‘we are all one’. You may feel this to be true and have even had experiences in your life where you felt this connected energy. Why then do we all feel so separate from each other most of the time? What causes this separation and fear between people which results in everything from simple arguments and road rage through to racism, murder and even war?

What would you say if I shared with you that your life was actually a Dream, a complex illusion. At this stage your response may be that you’ve always felt this to be true. Or you may feel that I’m crazy. Some of you will be at a stage of life where you are open to this idea as a possibility and are prepared to withhold judgement. How about if I added that this Dream was taking place in the mind of a Supreme Being. Let me now go further. This Supreme Being, who is having the Dream, is actually YOU. In reality it is also me and everyone you see around you. In other words we are all this Supreme Being that is having this Dream and in this life we are simply a character in our own Dream. This Supreme Being is perfect and complete and this Dream is a way of feeling the feelings of NOT being perfect.

You, at your Higher Self level, are perfect and complete. YOU, as your HIGHER SELF are the SUPREME BEING, CONSCIOUSNESS, the CREATOR. If it suits your beliefs you could say that you, at the level of your Higher Self, are GOD. You are experiencing your life entirely in the mind of your Higher Self. So you and everything thing around you has been created by you at the level of your Higher Self in a Dream.

At the beginning of your life, in what I call The Separation, you are given judgement which is the mechanism that helps to keep you separate from others. At ‘birth’ you forget who you really are and begin having experiences that make you feel limited and incomplete. All this is designed to let you experience life, and everything you experience is designed to support you in living your life purpose. Your role, as a character in this Dream, is to experience feelings for yourself as the Supreme Being which is who you truly are. At some stage, when you are ready, you can begin to question reality and this feeling of being lacking and incomplete. This is the beginning of your journey back; where you begin to slowly understand the reality of the Dream.

When you see the Dream for the illusion that it is it ceases to have the same effects on you. People and things that have been affecting your life begin to lose their power. You begin to understand that we are all one. This is the beginning of reclaiming power in your life and thereby changing your Dream. This will then bring more happiness, joy and unconditional love into your life each day. Seeing life for what it actually is causes a feeling of lightness and even laughter and is no longer a cause of fear. If you are reading this you are more than likely ready for the journey back.

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