The Power of the Spirit Resides in Each of Us

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The Power of the Spirit Resides in Each of Us
By Steven C Maglecic

Within each of us resides the power of the spirit that is as real as anything on the material plane. This power helps us connect to the great Divine, and it guides us on our path in life. We can be open to the this and listen to its wise words, or completely closed to it and never even know it exists. Many people are like this. Have you known people who are angry, depressed and always lashing out? These people are not connected to the power of the spirit that is within them. No matter how potent it is, it brings a sort of peace to the person who acknowledges it and listens to it. When a person does this, that means the power can go about its business and do what it was meant to do, which is guide us towards our higher spiritual plane.

Your spirit communicates with you through your intuition. Do you know how your gut feeling is usually right? The truth is it is always right, and that it is your spirit power trying to guide you. You were born knowing things that you have long forgotten. Many mystics say that childhood is a long process of forgetting our spiritual birthright. Unfortunately, some adults never get back to what they once knew. However, that isn’t true for all adults. Many adults recognize that they seem to have a ‘sixth sense’ or something that is guiding them and telling those things and that only wants the best for them. This is the sixth sense, and it is a gift from the Divine. All humans have it. You can recognize your spirit power by listening to your intuition more and practicing the quieting of the mind. This can be done through mediation, prayer and breath work. Like anything, it will take practice. The more you practice the better you will get.

Working with your spirit power requires absolute truth. You cannot be living a life of lies and work with your spirit. No one can. If you know someone who is not a good person and yet who seems to be able to work with entities or spirits on a different plane, know that they are either telling falsehoods or are dealing with negative energies, not spirit powers. To work with what the Divine gave you, you must be truthful and have honest intentions. Tell your inner self about your life, your dreams and even your hurts and embarrassments. This will help cleanse you of the negative. You will feel lighter after you allow your spirit to know your greatest weaknesses, because you will be able to finally let all that damaging energy go. As you are cleansed, you will find that your spirit becomes more active and fruitful in your life.

Working with your spirit power is a growth experience. It will never be complacent. Be prepared to grow in ways that might appear scary at first. Your beliefs will change and grow, and some of your most cherished opinions might fall by the wayside. You must trust your spirit power because it is guiding you towards the truth that will bring you closer to the Divine. Most people who tap into the power of the spirit find it to be the best and most important experience of their entire life. Sometimes the way might seem obscured, but it is important to keep moving forward and to keep asking your spirit power to guide you. Be assured it will never abandon you, and that what it will show you is absolutely priceless.

Power of the spirit and how your thinking affects you. 2012 Prophecy says it is a year of enlightenment. Think positive and change your life. Steve is a registered Minister as well a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time Techniques Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Success Coach. Through the use of these techniques self healing can be achieved.

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