Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise

Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise
By Jessica Tanner

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is our seventh chakra in the kundalini system. This chakra is placed at the top of our head and is our connection to the Divine, our Higher Self and our intuition, and it is therefore the most spiritual connected chakra we have, compared to the root, which is mostly connected to the earth and nature. The colour that is connected with this area is either purple or a bright white light.

Crown chakra meditation can help you reconnect with your Higher Self and be able to receive guidance and ideas from a more spiritual side of your being.

Crown Chakra Meditation

Turn off all electronic gadgets and find a quiet place and time with absolutely no disturbing elements. Sit in a way that is comfortable for you. Maybe you want to sit in the lotus posture, but if your are not that flexible, you may want to do the Seiza posture instead which is a kneeling position and can therefore be a lot more comfortable than having to sit cross-legged. You can also lighten some candles to set the mood and make you more focused on your meditation.

Close your eyes and direct your focus to your crown chakra area at the top of your head. Take a deep breath, and imagine that the inhaling air is entering your body through your crown.

Visualize it as a bright beam of light coming down from your Higher Self above you and penetrate your chakra. Feel the energy of the light. Breathe in this glowing light and guide the light down into your body filling every part of you. Exhale normally through your mouth and visualize the air that leaves your mouth as a drained and colourless wind.

Take another deep inhalation and take in more of the powerful light from above. This energy source that you can just tap in to and fill your physical body with its great energy whenever you need it.

Allow yourself to reconnect to your spirituality and to your Higher Self and intuition. Open this connection between the two parts of you and allow messages and ideas to flow with this beam of light and into your head. This is a great way to practice your intuition, which can be a great guide in life if we know how to listen to it. We will be able to know when we are making the right decisions by the way that we feel because something in us knows, what the outcome will be.

Do this for 15 minutes and then return to your day. Start by visualizing your crown chakra closing gently so that you won’t be vulnerable to other types of energy out there. Open your eyes and take a moment to feel the effect of the meditation and the energy that you have absorbed from the universe.

If you are seeking meditation exercises that can help you restore your energy level, you may also want to try Solar Plexus meditation, as this chakra is the location for energy, as well as other closely related characteristics.

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