Role of Meditation in Relieving Stress

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Role of Meditation in Relieving Stress
By Chamunda Swami Ji

Stress has become an unavoidable aspect of our lives. In fact, we all experience stress at some or the other point of life. Stress takes its toll, physically, mentally and emotionally. Though a little amount of stress is beneficial, it becomes an affliction when it starts taking toll on our health. Since meditation provides both physical as well as mental relaxation, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

Meditation allows you to recharge, re-vitalize and re-energize your body mind and soul. In fact, meditation has an altogether opposite effect that stress does. Besides giving your mind a transparent outlook and a new viewpoint, meditation puts you in touch with the infinite power of the universe giving you access to everything you need.

While practicing meditation, your heart rate and breathing slows down, your blood pressure comes under control, and you make use of oxygen in a better way. Meditation allows you to focus silently so that your mind remains so busy concentrating on breathing and body form that you are left with no time to think about the factors that are causing you stress.

While meditating, you got to take care of certain things. The first thing you need to do is find a silent and peaceful space without any distractions, for meditating. Sit comfortably in an erect posture, with folded legs and closed eyes so that unwanted energy may leave through your feet and you remain undistracted.

Listen to your breath, imagine thoughts that would create rhythm with your breathing and console the mind.

Unlike other medical therapies, meditation offers no side effects. In fact, people with physical restrictions may find it easier to practice meditation for relieving stress instead of performing arduous physical exercise. Though a professional can guide you properly to learn the art of meditation, it could be learned by self- practice. However, it does take discipline and commitment.

Meditation takes you away from your busy life’s stresses and puts you in a quiet inner space of relief. Though some people may find it difficult to focus their attention regular practice will improve their abilities.

Do not expect instant results or any sort of miracles to happen. The benefits of meditation are wide-ranging and to reap the fruitful benefits of meditation one would require patience, determination as well as strong will power.

So, meditate regularly to reduce your stress level and keep your mind free from tension and worry.

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