Triumphant Living – The Seven Secrets


Triumphant Living – The Seven Secrets


By Linda Marie Prejean


Activate the Law of Attraction by following important life’s secrets. Ariel Ford’s latest book Wabi Sabi Love, tells about the ancient Japanese tradition which honors all things, including the old, the worn, and the imperfect. For example, if a treasured vase had a crack down the middle, a Japanese museum would place it on a pedestal and shine a spotlight on it.


We can value the cracks in ourselves and our relations in the same way.


A secret, as defined by Webster, is something hidden, kept from view, not acknowledged, or revealed only to the initiated.


This year is already revealing secrets for the ‘initiated’ – those of us inducted into life’s membership through trial by fire. One is in the lesson of learning to accept imperfection, whether in things, circumstances, or people.


My mother was known for her needlework and her beautiful knitting. I would watch as her fingers, bent and knobby from arthritis, would move with expert grace across soft rows of yarn, the steady rhythm of clicking needles forming a sweater for me. Just before getting to the end, she would rip it all apart and start over. I would protest, telling her it looked perfect to me. “No,” she would reply. “I can see my mistake.”


Discovering the difference between what is to be celebrated, or what needs to change can be transformational and reflective of a new inner harmony. Secrets often lie in the paradox, the riddle, the mystery. Life holds many secrets, often missed. Here are just seven:


Secret #1: Gently, make room for imperfection, in people, or in yourself. Shine light on your circumstances with the beam of your acceptance. Psychologist, Carl Rogers says, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”


Secret #2: Learn to live life through the senses, engaging life on its terms. Allow for life to speak to you. Take action on what is in front of you. Don’t look back with regret or self-doubt.


Secret #3: Become whole-brained, by learning to be ambidextrous. Practice using your non-dominant hand. Studies are showing great results for everything from diabetes, to possible prevention of the onset of Alzheimer’s to an overall improvement in the quality of life.


Secret #4: Change your life by mastering your emotions. A Chinese Proverb says: Control the emotions or they will control you. A little gland, the Amygdala in our brain, was for our protection from saber-toothed tigers. We still need to be able to sense danger, but anger is stealing your life. Learn to let go by controlling the noise inside your head. Learn how to be calm.


Secret #5: Take boredom to an art form. Become an expert at one thing and the results will pay dividends in delightful and unexpected opportunities. If you are bored, you already know a lot about something.


Secret #6: If you feel you have lost yourself in a relationship, or it’s become toxic, take a time-out, give yourself the gift of space. People report feeling like themselves again and wonder how they ever got so lost. Fresh and inspired thoughts for change will appear.


Secret #7: Redirect the energy behind your biggest fear, problem, or challenge and find a way to be grateful. Be consistent and watch for the evidence of this power.


Triumphant living is about getting started, doing your best and feeling good about yourself. Today, my mother might have used her knitting mistakes creatively with sequins, or a colorful patch to celebrate the imperfection. I’m sure I would have worn it with love – Wabi Sabi style.


Linda Prejean is a Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, with many years working with women and men in transitional stages of life. Visit her website for articles and a multitude of videos with helpful take-away hints:


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