Total Recall of Who We Are: Stop Thinking and Start Being

Total Recall of Who We Are: Stop Thinking and Start Being By Dr. Robert Puff There is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger called Total Recall. A large part of the movie revolves around Arnold's character discovering who he really is. We all want to know who we really are. Unless we settle into thinking, "Well, this is my life and I'm not going to think about it," we keep searching until we find the answers. Who Are We Really? When we're born into this world, we quickly take on many different identities and continue to do so as we move through life. But how can we possibly be … [Read more...]

Anatta “Not Self”

Anatta "Not Self" By Shelton Ranasinghe Anatta Just like Einstein discovered the general theory of relativity, over 2000 years ago the Buddha disclosed the "No Self" concept. This is remarkably an extra ordinary discovery. The people at that time did not know the function of the brain. Whether the Buddha understood the function of the brain is not known as there is no reference to the brain in his teachings. However through self evaluation of how the mind process works he disclosed this fact. The function of the brain was understood in the very recent time, about 300 years ago. The … [Read more...]