Unleash As It’s Time!

Unleash As It's Time! By Yogesh Arjun As a lotus finds its fulfillment in the full bloom, and the sky in the full moon night, you must also reach the zenith of your potential while you are alive and experience the full expression of your selves and die only, after having tasted the elixir of life. A seed has the potential to become a tree and bear flowers and fruits but its potential is hidden and no one sees the hidden tree in it, one who understands this prepares the soil, sows the seed and waters it everyday but thereafter he waits, he doesn't look for fruits because the nature … [Read more...]

What Is Your Special Gift?

What Is Your Special Gift? By Kimberly Atkinson Have you ever had a "feeling" that there was much more to your life then what your currently have? Have you ever wondered "is this it" or feel like you have a inner desire to have or be something and cannot figure out what? Well you are feeling or thinking something that is most definitely real and most people ignore. Your INTUITION. What a fabulous gift that is and yet most people don"t pay any attention to it either by choice or accident. We all have come here with a life's purpose. We all have a passion to fulfill while we are here … [Read more...]