About the Secret

About the Secret By Will Edwards The Secret is the title of a best-selling book by author, Rhonda Byrne and it is also the title of a full length movie that was released via the internet and based upon the book. According to Wikipedia, the movie was released in March 2006 though the Wikipedia entry does seem a little confused at present. When I saw Rhonda Byrne interviewed, speaking about her personal experience of writing the book, it seems that she first became aware of the idea when she read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, back in 2004. After the death of her … [Read more...]

Religion and The Law of Attraction

Religion and The Law of Attraction By Christina T Moore The Law of Attraction works if you believe in God or not. It works no matter who you believe God is. For some who follow The LOA, the Universe and all that is in it is God. The Divine energy is all things and has created all things and through this energy we continue to create and expand this force. There is no death or birth of a soul but a transition to and from physical. We can never be separated from this Divine force as we are small fragments of it, holographic images of the whole. There is no punishment, hell or damnation. There … [Read more...]