The 3 Steps to Knowing Yourself As God

By Jafree Ozwald One of highest experiences you can have in your lifetime is to know yourself as the Divine. When you let go of all fear, drop every judgment you have, release all those opinions about yourself and others, you stop believing you are separate from God. You can discover a place of sacred refuge within that is like no other. It's only your mind that makes you think you're separate, when in reality you're one with the ocean of existence. It's not until you realize that you are not this mind, nor your ego, that this false identity ceases to run the show. You've created this idea … [Read more...]

Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy (July 16, 1821 – December 3, 1910) was the founder of the Christian Science religion. Her works include: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, The Christian Science Journal (1883), The Christian Science Sentinel (1898), The Herald of Christian Science (1903),  The Christian Science Monitor (1908). After a fall in Lynn, Massachusetts caused a spinal injury in February 1866, Eddy turned to Matthew 9:2 in the Bible and recovered unexpectedly. Although she filed a claim for money from the city of Lynn for her injury on the grounds that she was "still suffering … [Read more...]