Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction – What Is the Link?

Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction - What Is the Link? By Harald Reno If you have heard of the law of attraction chances are that you have come across mentions of Quantum physics as well. At first impression, these two topics seem worlds apart from each other. But if that is so, then why do people mention quantum physics and law of attraction together, as if there was a deep link between them? Let us have a look at why these two seemingly diverse topics get simultaneous attention and mention. What Exactly Is Quantum Physics? Quantum physics is that branch of physics that … [Read more...]

Do You Seek Job Fulfillment?

Do You Seek Job Fulfillment? By Chris Chancey I believe that God created the world. Though the time-frame in which this feat occurred is not vital to the discussion at hand, the fact that the creative process can be classified as work is a very important detail. It is also imperative to note, that after each of God's creative experiences, He exhibits a need for fulfillment. There are six occurrences in the creation account of Genesis 1 in which God pauses to appreciate His work and deems it good. Finally, God creates humanity in His image as Genesis 1:26 so eloquently describes and then … [Read more...]

Universal Mind And The Power Within You

Universal Mind And The Power Within You By Ben D Anderson We are all connected within one universal mind. Each of us is a bundle of energy linked to an infinite source of universal energy. We all come from this same energy source because this energy field IS everything in existence! Every particle, energy wave, and force that we know of is derived as an expression from this basic fact. We all are one. Our minds are transmitters of energy. Our thoughts and feelings manipulate the energy field surrounding us and cause the manifestation of our will. Control your mind and you can control … [Read more...]

Total Recall of Who We Are: Stop Thinking and Start Being

Total Recall of Who We Are: Stop Thinking and Start Being By Dr. Robert Puff There is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger called Total Recall. A large part of the movie revolves around Arnold's character discovering who he really is. We all want to know who we really are. Unless we settle into thinking, "Well, this is my life and I'm not going to think about it," we keep searching until we find the answers. Who Are We Really? When we're born into this world, we quickly take on many different identities and continue to do so as we move through life. But how can we possibly be … [Read more...]

Getting Unstuck When the Head and the Heart Disagree

Getting Unstuck When the Head and the Heart Disagree By Ronda LaRue The anxiety of being faced with a crossroad in life where a next decision must be made in order to move forward from this stopped, stuck place, is often tremendously stressful. The inner debate and frustrating angst can seem insurmountable and hopeless. That's what makes it so paralyzing; that's how we stay stuck. And in a way, the situation is indeed insurmountable and hopeless. Let me explain. The situation is insurmountable in the aspect that two arguing forces not only want two different choices, but that they don't … [Read more...]

Spiritual Question And Your Journey Into Knowing Yourself

Spiritual Question And Your Journey Into Knowing Yourself By Adonis Alexander Is it possible to extinguish the ego in order to make progress on your spiritual journey? For such a question, may I ask, why do you want to extinguish the ego? Do you see its destructive nature and that is why you are wondering? Have you watched its every movement in your daily activities that you can see its limitations and absurdities? All this has to be observed without the slightest desire to get rid of the ego at all. As long as you are interested in extinguishing the ego-self, the mind as thought … [Read more...]

Triumphant Living – The Seven Secrets

  Triumphant Living - The Seven Secrets   By Linda Marie Prejean   Activate the Law of Attraction by following important life's secrets. Ariel Ford's latest book Wabi Sabi Love, tells about the ancient Japanese tradition which honors all things, including the old, the worn, and the imperfect. For example, if a treasured vase had a crack down the middle, a Japanese museum would place it on a pedestal and shine a spotlight on it.   We can value the cracks in ourselves and our relations in the same way.   A secret, as defined by Webster, is … [Read more...]

What Happens During Spiritual Enlightenment: You Are the Ocean, Not the Lotus Flower

What Happens During Spiritual Enlightenment: You Are the Ocean, Not the Lotus Flower By Dr. R. Puff As we journey toward the path of enlightenment, what can we expect to happen in our lives? What can we expect to happen inside of us? In truth, there is nothing that we must do. Life just unfolds and we are merely the witness to this unfolding. How do we live our lives if we're seeking the path of awakening, in order to truly be awakened to who we are and to live an enlightened life? How are we to live our lives if we aren't the doers of the living but merely the witness to this … [Read more...]

Anatta “Not Self”

Anatta "Not Self" By Shelton Ranasinghe Anatta Just like Einstein discovered the general theory of relativity, over 2000 years ago the Buddha disclosed the "No Self" concept. This is remarkably an extra ordinary discovery. The people at that time did not know the function of the brain. Whether the Buddha understood the function of the brain is not known as there is no reference to the brain in his teachings. However through self evaluation of how the mind process works he disclosed this fact. The function of the brain was understood in the very recent time, about 300 years ago. The … [Read more...]

Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise

Crown Chakra Meditation Exercise By Jessica Tanner The Crown Chakra The crown chakra is our seventh chakra in the kundalini system. This chakra is placed at the top of our head and is our connection to the Divine, our Higher Self and our intuition, and it is therefore the most spiritual connected chakra we have, compared to the root, which is mostly connected to the earth and nature. The colour that is connected with this area is either purple or a bright white light. Crown chakra meditation can help you reconnect with your Higher Self and be able to receive guidance and ideas from a … [Read more...]