Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction – What Is the Link?

Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction - What Is the Link? By Harald Reno If you have heard of the law of attraction chances are that you have come across mentions of Quantum physics as well. At first impression, these two topics seem worlds apart from each other. But if that is so, then why do people mention quantum physics and law of attraction together, as if there was a deep link between them? Let us have a look at why these two seemingly diverse topics get simultaneous attention and mention. What Exactly Is Quantum Physics? Quantum physics is that branch of physics that … [Read more...]

Do You Seek Job Fulfillment?

Do You Seek Job Fulfillment? By Chris Chancey I believe that God created the world. Though the time-frame in which this feat occurred is not vital to the discussion at hand, the fact that the creative process can be classified as work is a very important detail. It is also imperative to note, that after each of God's creative experiences, He exhibits a need for fulfillment. There are six occurrences in the creation account of Genesis 1 in which God pauses to appreciate His work and deems it good. Finally, God creates humanity in His image as Genesis 1:26 so eloquently describes and then … [Read more...]