The Body as the Reflection of a Mental State

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The Body as the Reflection of a Mental State

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This is an assumption that any person in his right mind would desire to live a happy and fulfilling life in all areas of his existence.

Napoleon Hill popularized the statement “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it achieves.” The mind is the origin of everything manifested in the material world. Health, wealth, beauty, lifestyle, education, job or career, relationships, appearances and everything that an individual experiences in his everyday life is a reflection of what is going on in his mind.

The mind is the seat of perception, creation and creativity, imagination and productivity, analyses of situations and any experiences in the material condition of an individual.

Whatever is the quality of the flow of thinking of a person is reflected in the quality of life he is experiencing in his material world. The contents and activities of the mind are enacted by the body and are also reacted by the surrounding including objects, incidents, and other human beings.

If the mind is disciplined to think only on beauty, wealth, health and creative works then these are also manifested in the lifestyle of the thinker. If the mind sees only beauty in the person regardless of any flaws then this person will look beautiful to everyone too. If the mind focuses on wealth as the person’s true state of being then this person will only see opportunities that he had never acknowledged before then he starts to act accordingly to success. If the mind sees the person healthy in every detail of his body then that is what this person becomes.

We are what and how we think. Everything we experience in our lives is just a reflection of our mental state. Our health and beauty, regardless of age and circumstances in life are the enactment and manifestations of the state of the mind.

Any shade of negative thoughts that become a dominating thought for quite some time reflects on the way we live in all areas; such as money or income, job or career, our chosen field of specialization, relationships.

Anyone who desires to live a fulfilling and successful life must first pay attention to his mental attitude in a moment by moment basis.

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