The Internet of Minds

The Internet of Minds
By Gary Greenbank

There is growing evidence that we create reality with our minds and further more that our minds are connected as one in a way we as yet don’t understand. How is this possible?

One explanation is to do with the two hemispheres of the human brain. You have probably heard that the brain comprises of two halves, left and right hemispheres. What surprised me when I researched this subject is that the brain really is in two distinct halves that are separate from each other and only connected by the corpus callosum at the base. These two distinct halves have very separate roles and both process information differently. The left brain is the one we use for regular tasks such as logical, rational thought and time orientation. The left hemisphere is all about the past and the future. It takes all our experiences and information from the past and projects into the future to give us feedback on possible actions and results. It’s the ‘little voice’, the ego that gives us our sense of individuality. The separate identity of ‘I am’. It is the mechanism by which we separate ourselves from others.

Conversely the right hemisphere is used for intuitive thinking and kinesthetic feelings. It is connected to the energy all around us and operates in the moment as this energy streams in from external sources. The right hemisphere lets us know what the present moment looks like, feels like, smells like and tastes like. Is it possible that the right sides of our brains are all connected in some way that we don’t fully understand as yet? Could the right hemisphere of our brains be connected in something like an internet of brains where all knowledge is available to all those connected to it and all those connected to it are also connected to each other. After all we are capable of sending complex information wirelessly between mobile phones and computers on opposite sides of the world. Isn’t it therefore feasible, and even probable, that our brains are connected in some way that we do not understand at this point in our technological evolution?

Right and left brains A fascinating example of this idea in real life was experienced in 1996 when Jill Bolte Taylor, a thirty-seven year old brain scientist, suffered a major stroke. A blood vessel had ruptured in the left half of her brain. What made this event fascinating was that being a trained professional in matters of the brain she was able to understand what was happening as the left side of her brain began shutting down. During the experience, that took place in her home over four hours, she lost the ability to talk, walk, remember anything clearly or undertake simple cognitive tasks. The intuitive, kinesthetic and feeling right hand side of her brain continued to function normally. Ms Bolte Taylor has presented her experience to fascinated audiences throughout the world.

In summary when her left brain was shut down and only her right brain was functioning she felt a total sense of peace and joy. Her left brain was silent and she had no ‘little voice’, no ego, no cognitive functions. On the other hand because she was experiencing the world purely through her right hemisphere she felt at one with all the energy around her. She found that could not define the boundary of her body, where she ended and the external world began. She couldn’t identify her position in space and felt enormous. She describes the feeling as ‘nirvana’, a world filled with compassion and love. In reality she was experiencing her true essence. She was experiencing herself as she was before The Separation which made her forget and start feeling limited and separate.

When she survived this near death experience Ms Bolte Taylor realised that if she could find nirvana then everyone could find nirvana. She makes the point that everyone can choose who and what they want to be at any moment. Step into the right hemisphere and feel compassionate and connected to the energy and people all around you. Or step into the left hemisphere and become an individual ego totally separate from others.

I believe that the right hemisphere is what connects all of us to our Higher Self. When you look from the perspective of you Higher Self it is the same as choosing to experience the world completely through the right hemisphere of your brain. You can make the choice to enhance your life and it is a conscious decision.

The video of Ms Bolte Taylor’s presentation

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