Ten Ways to Awaken and Be Free!

Ten Ways to Awaken and Be Free! By Pamela Turner How beautiful to be free! Free from illusions and the endless demands of ego. We are in a magnificent age in the world right now, one where humanity is awakening, remembering our wholeness, our goodness, and our unlimited potential. Here are ten ways to enhance your own awakening process and live in freedom, love and joy! 1. Awareness: As you become more aware, you are able to see how the conditioned mind traps you and keeps you unfulfilled, always chasing after endless conditions to make you 'happy'. You start to identify with the … [Read more...]

The Internet of Minds

The Internet of Minds By Gary Greenbank There is growing evidence that we create reality with our minds and further more that our minds are connected as one in a way we as yet don't understand. How is this possible? One explanation is to do with the two hemispheres of the human brain. You have probably heard that the brain comprises of two halves, left and right hemispheres. What surprised me when I researched this subject is that the brain really is in two distinct halves that are separate from each other and only connected by the corpus callosum at the base. These two distinct halves … [Read more...]