What Is Your Special Gift?

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What Is Your Special Gift?

By Kimberly Atkinson

Have you ever had a “feeling” that there was much more to your life then what your currently have? Have you ever wondered “is this it” or feel like you have a inner desire to have or be something and cannot figure out what?

Well you are feeling or thinking something that is most definitely real and most people ignore. Your INTUITION. What a fabulous gift that is and yet most people don”t pay any attention to it either by choice or accident.

We all have come here with a life’s purpose. We all have a passion to fulfill while we are here on earth. And if we just quiet our minds long enough, listen, hear, and take action… Our journey would begin.

We are all born with a special gift or talent that is for the purpose of helping or influencing others in a positive way.

HOWEVER, when I dare ask any woman I know or even strangers I will just stop and inquire about what their passion is in life the answer sadly is the same.

I don’t know or I have never really thought about it. That blows me out of the water. WHY you ask? Because all these people are just living anonymously, with no purpose or real direction. Their life is on auto-pilot and whatever comes their way comes.

What about if everyone started to realize that they CAN have control over their life?? What would you do if you knew that you had this kind of power?

Why do you think this is so hush hush? Are we taught this at all in school, the news, all media? NO! because the world would change significantly and the “people” who think they are in charge of us would no longer be. Can you imagine the shift that would take place. It would be phenomenal.

So who wants to change their life and their journey? Who wants to be happy and successful? Then first of all find your special gift.

Find your passion.

The rest will begin to follow.

Until next time:

Thoughts are real. Their energy. Think happy and positively.

Kimberly Atkinson

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