2012: The Year to Believe and Create


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2012: The Year to Believe and Create
By Emmy Suzy Morgan

What if 2012 is not so much about earth changes, but rather changes within our very core? Could it be time for us to step into bigger shoes? Time to learn to trust in the Unseen? Time to trust in something beside our ego? 2012 will give us all an opportunity to live differently.

Some of us will jump right in and others will stick in one toe at a time. Both work. Do what feels comfortable to you but do take a chance – on yourself. Put your money down on you. If you don’t believe in you, who will?

Our whole lives we have been taught to follow the rules. Were they our rules or did someone else set them up? Be honest with yourself. Are you all you could be? Or did the whole system backfire and now you feel like you can’t do the things you hoped you might be able to accomplish?

If you are reading this, you don’t need all those confining bars around you. It is time for you to expand. To open your heart and balance your mind so that as a woman you are able to think clearly and take action. As a man you are able to feel with your heart and treat others with loving kindness. It’s about coming into balance. We all deserve it.

It is time to step into bigger shoes than what you have dared to walk in before. It is time to stretch. To allow yourself the freedom to think big; the freedom to step out of your old patterns and take a risk for the better; the freedom to share your heart wealth as well as your financial wealth with others; and the freedom to allow yourself to own who you really are.

What if the Divine is within you? What if what you want to create is already yours once you accept that this is so? What if by seeing yourself succeeding, you do? What if the love you want will come to you as soon as you allow yourself to love others and yourself? What if you are whole and perfect exactly as you are today?

Are you in? I’ll be looking for you doing the impossible right beside me.

2012 is the year to believe and create. Believe in yourself. Believe in each other. And know that the creator energy is within you. What if you have been holding yourself back and you are like a slingshot ready to be popped? It’s time. Together we are stronger than alone. We are here now to support each other.

I believe in you. I know you can do what you think is impossible. Picture how you want to live. What it is that will make you know you are on the right track? What is it you have wanted to do but always thought you couldn’t? Now’s the time. We are in a place in the history of the planet unlike any other in modern time.

Do you need permission to live your dream? I am giving you permission now, today, to change how you see yourself. Think of the most exciting person you’ve seen and deliberately step into their shoes. Com’on, just pretend. What do you have to lose? Just for today pretend you are the person you most admire. I’m going for the top. I challenge you to do the same.

Here’s to a fabulous 2012 where we finally learn that we are one. One with each other. One with what appears to be the enemy. One with the robbers and scoundrels as well as one with those who spend their lives helping others. If the creator energy is within you, what plans are you making to change yourself and your world?

Emmy “Suzy” Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Medium, a Psychic Energy Healer and a Channel for the Angels offering Angel Readings and Healing. By Phone or in person. 866-581-6017. emmy@askyourangels.com.


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