How To Define A State Of Mystical Awareness?

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How To Define A State Of Mystical Awareness?
By Debasish Dey

It is not easy to define what goes on in a person’s mind in a state of heightened consciousness. Many a time, glinting flashes of truth streak in through clouds of uncertainty and fall on the eclipsed mind, dispelling its darkness. This dispelling may be momentary, yet the euphoria of the moment makes it seem like eternity.

From the time you initiate yourself into a state of intense awareness, your mind starts racing in all directions. You can compare it to a car that has gone out of control. You can imagine this car to be running on a different track altogether-a track that stretches across a surreal terrain dotted with bizarre natural formations. However, you who are sitting at the driver’s seat cannot gaze at a sight for very long, because you just cannot slow down your car. It has gone totally out of control, and is zooming ahead with supersonic speed. It will slow down only by itself, when its fuel is running low. Yet you enjoy the ride wholeheartedly, because the quick glimpses of the sights you see through your car’s windscreen are enough to kindle in you a sheer sense of wonder and fascination. Try to imagine the excitement of a child who on her first train journey watches the profusion of colors and design in the landscapes that race past her window. In a state of intense awareness, the human mind experiences a somewhat similar thrill.

So when does the mind experience moments of heightened awareness? Anything can trigger it-from reading Tolkien to watching the intergalactic scenes in Star Wars, from the psychedelic colors of Picasso or Dali to the abstract cinematic narratives of Bergman or Buuel. We can just let our minds absorb the vast pool of metaphysical data present in art, literature, and even cinema. We should not forget that true metaphysics has nothing to do with voodoo or such ritualistic mumbo-jumbo. Metaphysical thinking is akin to the thinking of Nietzsche, Osho, Kafka, or Gibran. There was a certain ‘method’ in the heightened madness of these philosophers, which people in their age could not grasp.

It is a fact that in this world everyone is a philosopher to a certain degree. We only differ in our levels of philosophical awareness. All of us do experience sudden sparks of insight that are triggered by the most unexpected cues, and questions like ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Why am I?’ often pop up in our minds as foamy bubbles do in a gurgling stream. However, we do not entertain such thoughts, simply because they arrive to us in a jumbled-up mass of elusive images and undecipherable codes. Cracking these cryptic codes is difficult. What we can do is just sit back and enjoy the endless train of these codes that seem to arrive from some hidden dimension of space and time. Such codes act like men in uniform who work in the dark underground sewers of a metropolis, cleaning up the muck and sewage of the city and sometimes illuminating the dark passageways by flashing their torchlights as they pass.

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