Spiritual Question And Your Journey Into Knowing Yourself

Spiritual Question And Your Journey Into Knowing Yourself
By Adonis Alexander

Is it possible to extinguish the ego in order to make progress on your spiritual journey?

For such a question, may I ask, why do you want to extinguish the ego? Do you see its destructive nature and that is why you are wondering? Have you watched its every movement in your daily activities that you can see its limitations and absurdities?

All this has to be observed without the slightest desire to get rid of the ego at all. As long as you are interested in extinguishing the ego-self, the mind as thought wants to continue. The desire to end the ego is the ego and is its game of continuity.

So, it is not about getting rid of the ego but seeing the ego for what it is. This is a movement of the mind as thought. This ego, this thinker, is a movement of thought. To be free of the ego, the ‘I’, cannot attempt to end it. It is the continuous trick of the mind.

As long as ones thoughts, which are disorder, confusion, and chaos, is the whole of ones consciousness, you cannot see, clearly. To see is vital to living a holistic life of love and happiness. Ego is the denial of happiness.

You cannot go beyond the limitations of mind as ego and discover if there is anything beyond it. Simply, because you are being blinded by the mind. When at once you can get a glimpse of this ego for what it is, perhaps you can understand it.

Not try to get rid of it. The very understanding of it, you transcend its limitations. However, to try to end it yourself, that is like a cat chasing its own tail not knowing it is her own self. You cannot get rid of the ego because; you are the ego-self.

So, we do not get rid of the ego but understand it for what it is. Seeing that it is the movement of the mind we may shed light on it. The light of seeing ends it.

To see that it is a thing of change, the mind is movement and time, we understand it is illusory. That which changes cannot be real. Yet, we identify ourselves as being the ego-self. A false thing!

Realize in truth, you are not the ego-self, which alone is such a beautiful, joyous thing to understand.

Now, when at once you see the ego as a false thing, what becomes of you? Surely, that is the dissolution of ego without any form of effort. The very seeing of this fact is a movement of freedom.

When at once you truly see what you are not, the realization of what you truly are awakens in you. Then there is nothing any one can say to you. The eternal joy is just there. Is this really something you would love to realize within yourself?

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