The Reason You Are Alive and What That Has To Do With Meaning and Happiness

The Reason You Are Alive and What That Has To Do With Meaning and Happiness
By Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk

You have asked “Why am I alive?” in one form or another. The answer has to do with what you do with meaning and happiness.

Everyone wonders at some point in their lives, perhaps at several points in their lives, why they are alive. What am I doing here (on earth)?

Here is the answer, as I see it, in three words: expression, animation and manifestation. (That these three words rhyme is fortunate.)

We need to start with what many name God. Please drop all baggage you may be carrying that contains the term “God.”

Let me give a working definition of “God” here that we might start fresh. God is a Singularity. The Singularity. It may be said that God is the Universe – The Whole of It. The Entirety.

As such then God cannot do anything but be everything. God cannot be in relationship to anything else because there is nothing else. But by terms that we humans understand, being The Only means there can be no relationships.

Without relationships, entities cannot not define themselves. God cannot say “I am thus and you are such.” In God’s life there is no “such” because there is no other.

So we came into being, through the mind of God. (I believe it may be that there are other sentient beings in the Universe wherein God may be found as well. But we are dealing with humans only in this writing.)

What then is the reason we are alive? We are to be the expression, animation and manifestation of God. We give what we term as “life” to God. We can be in relationship to other things and beings.

Without our expression, God would be silent, eternally silent. But we can sing and dance and speechify and paint and write and sculpt. We can do all manner of benign and malignant things to declare our aliveness. By so doing we enliven God.

Because we have the largest mental capacity of any beings we know, we can genuinely say that we have the greatest range of animation possible as well. We can be the most alive of all the species on this earth.

By that I mean we can be the most diversified in terms of liveliness of all else upon this planet. In our dancing and speechifying, etc., we can give the widest range of possibilities. Because we have this potential it behooves us to demonstrate it as best we can.

We do not yet know the limits of our possibilities.

We are also the most manifesting creatures that we know. Because God is The Singularity, God cannot manifest, or be incarnate outside of Itself, for there is no “outside of Itself” when it comes to God.

But because we have the capacities of expression and animation, we can be the most manifesting creatures. We can make the most things and or experiences real, tangible, incarnate.

That is part of our job description – to make things and thoughts real. We can take the thoughts of God and make them “appear” within The Singularity.

Here are the reasons you are alive:

1. To be the expression of The Singularity.

2. To be the animation of The Singularity.

3. To be the manifestation of The Singularity.

What does this have to do with meaning and happiness?

When you make constant and deep connection with The Singularity, you plug into The Singularity. You realize your place within The Singularity. In that meld you find the meaning of your life. Expression, animation, manifestation all give you meaning. That meaning has a one word expression – happiness. To know your meaning is to know happiness.

You then show your happiness to yourself and to others by expressing yourself, animating who you are by actions in the world, and by manifesting what The Singularity is through your own life.

There you have the whole package: meaning, happiness, purpose.

You are alive to be what The Singularity cannot.

Get to it.

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