Universal Mind And The Power Within You

Universal Mind Control

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Universal Mind And The Power Within You
By Ben D Anderson

We are all connected within one universal mind. Each of us is a bundle of energy linked to an infinite source of universal energy. We all come from this same energy source because this energy field IS everything in existence! Every particle, energy wave, and force that we know of is derived as an expression from this basic fact. We all are one.

Our minds are transmitters of energy. Our thoughts and feelings manipulate the energy field surrounding us and cause the manifestation of our will. Control your mind and you can control your reality. Our minds also pick-up the signals of other peoples mental frequency. You feel this whenever you “get a feeling” about something or someone. Friendship is finding other people who have similar ideas as yourself, or rather, whose mental frequencies are in harmony with yours. The combined sea of brainwaves from us all, interacting constantly with one another, is the network of universal mind. And it is within this network that all things are manifested and experienced. Like waves in an ocean the tides of our reality are determined by the wind of our mental focus. Where this current takes you, and what you receive as a result, is entirely dependent on the direction you set your mind upon.

The power of your mind to shape the universe is unlimited. Whatever you hold your focus on, with feeling and belief, will come true. This is true whether you want it to come true or not. The more minds which are focused on the same thing and transmitting the same thought vibrations, the more magnitude the thought is given. Ten thousand people feeling an identical emotion is far more powerful than one person feeling that same emotion. The greatest human events in history were done in this fashion. One idea, resonating within one universal mind, becoming everyone’s belief and ultimate reality. All beliefs are caused in this way, becoming “truth” until another idea supplants it. What you believe is reality, IS reality for you. What everyone believes is reality, IS reality for all. Where thought is objective, belief is subjective, within the collective consciousness.

You are a piece of everything and everything is a part of you. It is important to understand that you cannot hurt someone else without also hurting yourself. Whatever you feel at any given moment in time, regardless of the reasons why, you attract more of. When you feel angry or spiteful towards another you are asking the universe for more of what makes you feel that negativity. The law of attraction works for each of us independently. Therefore ALL of your emotions are accepted as commands directed towards your life! Imagine the universe as an apple and each person alive is a cell which makes up this apple. For every negative thought, feeling, and action we take on each other, we bruise this apple more and more. Until the apple cannot withstand much more. At this point our will can either destroy our perceived enemy, and consequently our world, or save it through the positive use of the law of attraction. This is the power within our universal mind.

Treat others as you would treat yourself. The “golden rule” is a fact of existence if you want to be happy. You cannot expect to be treated differently than you believe you should be treated. If you cannot see the best in yourself than no one will! You have to make the choice within yourself to focus only on the best parts of yourself, those around you, and your situation. Fall in love with yourself and the world around you! Spend all of your emotional energy on feeling love and gratitude for all of the things that make you feel good! See only the good in everything and give everything that is good a chance to find you! Because this is what you will get more of through the network of universal mind. The joy you feel for your neighbors accomplishment is the exact joy you are asking of the universe in your own life. If this same joy is replaced with negativity, such as envy, then so will more reasons to feel that negativity be granted you!

Your consciousness is a part of one grand universal mind, therefore you have access to all of the power within it! Recognize yourself in all those around you. Be helpful, kind, and thankful for them as you would for yourself. For every good thing you do, feel, and think, it will be returned to you somehow. Remember always that what you give to others is what you give to yourself. If happiness is something you desire, then feel happy in your own life and for others success now. And watch as your life begins to sprout in the same direction, all from the guided touch of your focused mind!

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